Terra Luna, North Truro

For the Memorial Day weekend last weekend G and I spent a couple of nights on Cape Cod in Provincetown. It was a nice treat to get away and relax. On Saturday night we went to Terra Luna for dinner. It is a short 15 minute drive outside of P-town. We had a lovely meal there! The room has a rustic, cozy cottage feel with lots of wood. We started with a bottle of the Lolonis, Organic Zinfandel from Redwood Valley. It was a typical Zin, lots of berry, little pepper, and very smooth. To start I had the soup special which was a Vegan Summer Greens soup. It was made with spinach, watercress, basil, and mint. The soup was delicious and light. I loved the flavor of the soup but I felt the texture was a bit too gritty; I would have liked it to be smoother, maybe even creamier. But the flavor was wonderful! G started with a simple House Salad of Boston lettuce with red onions & grape tomatoes in mustard vinaigrette. The salad was perfectly executed with the freshest ingredients and just the right amount of dressing.

For my entree I had the Wild Mushroom Ragu which was sautéed wild mushrooms & penne in a creamy merlot reduction. This was excellent!! There was a huge variety (and lots!) of mushrooms that were sautéed beautifully with nice a coloring on the edges. The cream sauce was rich and just coated the penne without feeling heavy. Often with these types of dishes the mushrooms are just added on top, however in this case the mushroom flavor permeated the entire dish and the sauce too. It was rich and earthy!

G got a dish which seemed to be the exact opposite of mine, spicy and light. He got the Fra Diavolo which was mussels, calamari, littlenecks, chipotle & tomatoes served with linguini. This dish was great with lots of seafood and lovely spicy sauce. Again, the sauce infused the entire dish. Just prefect!

Terra Luna
104 Shore Rd
Truro, MA 02666

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