Friday night sushi

By the end of the week G and I are tried and just want some light simple food and our go to Friday night dinner is often sushi. We usually get sushi once or twice a month on Friday nights. This past Friday we were traitors to our local, Hana Sushi, and decided to try the new Snappy Sushi in Davis Sq. The room is very sleek and modern with light toned wood and abstract paintings. When you walk on the left in there is a sushi bar with about four seats. Then on the right is a large communal wooden table with 4 – 5 seats on all four sides. We were seated at the communal table which has flower arrangements in the center to break up the large table.

We started with a seaweed salad which was served with mixed greens. The mixed greens were dressed with a lovely ginger wasabi dressing. The seaweed salad was quite nice and I liked how they paired it with the greens. Then we had three types of nigiri sushi, Tuna, Yellowtail, and Salmon. They use brown koshihikari rice in their sushi which has a heartier taste and texture than the typical white rice. We both felt that the rice had a little sweetness as well. The sushi was all very fresh and tasty however, I did notice that the pieces were not cut perfectly. We also tried three rolls. We had to try the Spicy Yellowtail Roll which is our favorite so we could compare it to Hana’s. It was very good. Then we tried the Spicy Crispy Scallop Roll which had scallop, cucumber, green leaf, tempura flakes, flying fish roe and spicy mayo. It should also have avocado however, G and I don’t eat avocado so we asked them to prepare it without. We both really liked this roll. The flavors were perfect and the texture was nice and crispy! I have not seen lettuce leaf in sushi before but it was a nice crispy touch. Lastly we had the Mamemaki Roll which is tuna, salmon, cucumber, and green leaf which wrapped in bean sheet and dressed with an edamame-yuzu sauce (again this should have avocado). I was not particularly fond of the edamame-yuzu sauce which was too sweet and tangy and did not compliment the flavors of the fish.

Overall, the sushi at Snappy is very good and well prepared although I am not sure I like the use of the brown rice. All of the fish was fresh and the rolls were nice and tightly wrapped. However, I am not sure we are ready to call it our go to Friday night sushi place. It didn’t have the cozy atmosphere of Hana Sushi and, as G said, it would be nice to have a beer.

Snappy Sushi

420 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 625-0400

Hana Sushi
2372 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 868-2121

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